Thursday, March 4, 2010

Painting Furniture Tutorial

Lately I have been really interested in buying a used piece of furniture and refinishing it. I am not quite sure how to do it all so I have been on the look out for tutorials to help me in this process. I found one here at Just a Girl that gives some great basic tips. Now I just need to find that perfect piece of furniture that is dying to be revived! I really want to do a fun color like yellow, green or turquoise.

Like these:

Pottery Barn

House of Turquoise


  1. Hi! I am also starting to research ideas and how to paint used furniture. I did find a great desk at my local thrift store that I want to start on. I love the green above. Love your blog...check out mine as I am new to all of this...thanks Linda

  2. Thanks for sharing those tutorials with us! I hope your furniture will end up as beautiful as those in the pictures. I've been looking for some tips on painting my own furniture, but I can't seem to find good resources. Thanks to you, I may have found it!

    Lately, I've been asking for the help from those painting contractors Alexandria, VA has. I've been asking for their help ever since I've moved in here in Alexandria. They're really good in doing the painting contractors. Alexandria, VA has a lot of general contractors, but these guys really do an awesome job!

    Whoops, sorry for going off topic there. Once again, thanks for sharing those links to basic tips in refinishing furniture!